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Did You Know

Many Pieces I see on the INTERNET are nothing more than cheap Imitations -Copies and Most importantly MACHINE made with inferior Materials and Workmanship (a Native American did not come within 5 feet of it)...

At the age of 15. when I worked in a Native American Co-op in Phoenix (1969), I said .."There are not that many Indians making all the "so called" Native American Jewelry in the MarketPlace"

Remember do your homework and get some knowledge..If you have any doubts about the TURQUOISE your buying, remember, just because a stone is BLUE does not make it high grade!   A tip..depth of color and hardness are Two (2) determining factors for grade..A high grade specimen will take a high polish..

The catch phrase back then was PAWN now its INGOT.

By: David P. Kane


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