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Dimensions:    Price $450.00
4 7/8 Diameter
Does not Count the Mounting
Lugs ( Screw Holes)


Antique Ornate Bronze Doorbell and Operator - Ca  1870s

This Antique Bell is Over 140 years
Old..You get the Bell and Operator
which is Mounted on the Outisde
of the Door and when pulled down
you get a Beautiful Gong..Also can
be Mounted on a  stand as A Piece
of Art which it is Astounding Workmanship..I Personally Made a Stand out ofCypress and Have it over my Mantle..It Works and The Sound Cannot be
Matched..Ladies Call your Man when you need a refill..........Guys do the Same..

Dimensions:        Price $550.00

Base Diameter is 5 inches
Lugs (Screw Holes) 1/2 in. ea.


Extrodinary Antique Brass
Bell w/ Bronze Operator

Ca. 1867 (Civil War Era)

A Work of Art for your Collection
and it Works Like the Day it
was Made..Can Mount on your Home or Make a Stand and Place
in your Home, Office, or Business
It will Make a Statement..The
Operator wow it is one of the
Nicest I have Ever Seen..Look
at the Detail..Workmanship like
this does not exist Today
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